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本文摘要:French car maker Citroen recently unveiled a pair of glassless, liquid-filled eye-glasses that can reportedly treat the symptoms of motion sickness.法国汽车制造商雪铁龙近日发售了一款没镜片、镜框装有液体的眼镜,据信能化疗晕车症状。


French car maker Citroen recently unveiled a pair of glassless, liquid-filled eye-glasses that can reportedly treat the symptoms of motion sickness.法国汽车制造商雪铁龙近日发售了一款没镜片、镜框装有液体的眼镜,据信能化疗晕车症状。Called Seetroen, the ingenious eyeglasses use Boarding Ring technology, which was created by a French start-up of the same name, to treat motion sickness in just a few minutes.这款取名为Seetroen的神秘眼镜运用了法国初创公司Boarding Ring的技术,可以在几分钟内治好晕车。According to the official press release, after being worn for 10 to 12 minutes, the glasses enable the mind to resynchronise with the movement perceived by the inner ear while the eyes were focused on an immobile object such as a smartphone or a book, and the wearer can just take them off and enjoy the rest of the journey.根据官方新闻稿透露的信息,在配戴10到12分钟后,你盯着智能手机或书等惯性物体时,这款眼镜不会让大脑与内耳感受到的运动新的实时。

之后配戴者就可以所取下眼镜,享用接下来的旅程。So how do Seetroen cure the annoying condition that has been plaguing mankind for centuries?那么Seetroen眼镜是如何医治这种虐待人类长达数世纪的喜欢症状呢?Well, the secret is literally in those goofy plastic frames. That blue liquid in the rings around the eyes recreate the horizon line to resolve the conflict between the signals sent to the brain by the eyes and inner ear.秘密就在于那对看上去荒谬的塑料镜框上。

镜框里的蓝色液体可以重塑视平线,避免眼睛和内耳传输给大脑有所不同信号间的冲突。Motion sickness occurs when our brain perceives conflicting reports about perceived motion from the eyes and the inner ear.当大脑感应器到眼睛和内耳的信号冲突时,就不会产生晕车的感觉。


Its usually not a problem when a person is looking out the window because then both organs perceive motion similarly, but when youre looking down at a phone or a book, the eyes dont perceive the motion the same way, and the reports sent to your brain contradict those from the inner ear, and the confusion results in motion sickness.一个人看向车窗外时,一般来说会晕车,因为眼睛和内耳所感受到运动是相似的,但当你集中精力看手机或书时,你的眼睛没感官到某种程度的运动,发送给大脑的信号与内耳发去的信号相冲突,这种恐慌就造成了晕车。The liquid in the Seetroen rings simulate the angle and movements of the horizon so that the movement detected by the eyes matches that detected by the inner ear; no more conflicting signals, no more motion sickness, apparently.Seetroen镜框中的液体能仿真视平线的角度和运动,这样眼睛所察觉到的运动与内耳所察觉到的运动将不会是完全一致的,没信号冲突,大自然也就会晕车了。Since Seetroen glasses are actually glassless, they can be worn by anyone, even over actual eyeglasses.因为Seetroen眼镜没镜片,所以任何人都可以配戴,甚至可以戴着在普通眼镜外面。


You only need to wear them for 10 to 12 minutes after the symptoms of motion sickness set in, to make them go away.你在开始产生晕车症状时配戴这款眼镜10到12分钟,晕车感就不会消失。Even though Citroen claims to have collaborated with 5.5, a French collective design studio in order to come up with a fresh, simple and ergonomic style for Seetroen, these are definitely not the best looking glasses money can buy.尽管雪铁龙声称和法国集体设计工作室5.5合作才生产出有了这款“甜美、简练又合乎人体工学”的Seetroen眼镜,但这意味著不是你能购买的最漂亮的眼镜。But hey, if they really work as advertised -- Citroen claims that Boarding Ring technology has an efficacy of 95% -- theres really no room for complaining.不过,如果这款眼镜如广告中所说的能治好晕车--雪铁龙声称Boarding Ring技术的效能高达95%--那还真为没什么好责怪的了。

One thing that may keep people from using Seetroen eyeglasses is the price. They cost 99 eurso and can be purchased from Citroens online store.需要制止人们出售Seetroen眼镜的或许就是价格。一副眼镜售价为99欧元(782元人民币),可在雪铁龙的网上商店出售。